Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hom Pim Pa, Cikarang

Welcome to Hom Pim Pa

Hom pim pa is a family recreation park, located at Lippo' residential estate area in Cikarang, at the same area and not too far from another famous family recreation park like Water Boom and Olympic Sport Club,  30 minutes drives from Jakarta City Center, when no traffic jam, otherwise you will take one and a half hour. You know ^_^ .

Swing .. and .. frog .. he he he

They are two types of tickets. First type will cost you Rp.15,000/pax, it is just to enter the park. Another type will cost you Rp.35,000/pax, with this price you can use all facilities available there.

Family gathering
You can take your picnic basket as well as mat and have your lunch by  the lake where you also can do fishing.

Gee ... snake

There is a small zoo in this area, ofcourse the animals are not so much in variety but this has made this park attractive though I am opposed to keeping animal in captivity but I try to do it in open mind that as long as they treat this animals like in their original habitat, I am a little bit amused. I don't believe I used this word 'amused'.

How to get to Hom Pim Pa from Jakarta City Center ? Best way is to just rent a car or take taxi and another important thing is to choose a realiable one like Blue Bird. They provide taxi meter and rented car.

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